American Boredom

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Wow….Paula looked like she’d gotten fresh botox last night!! Or a fresh face lift. Anyone notice everyone BUT her was in black? I dunno………anyway, here we go!

1. Anoop sang Caught Up by Usher. Vocals were strong but he didn’t wow me. Didn’t wow the judges either.

2. Megan Joy sang Turn the Lights Down Low and you know…it was weird for me. Kinda boring. I think the judges agreed w/me. But I really like her style.

3. Danny sang What Hurts The Most….again the vocals were strong, I can see def improvement and i really like Danny but I was kinda bored.

4. Allison sang No Doubt’s Dont Speak. She’s such a star! I loved her and I LOVED her outfit. It was totally age appropriate. Shut up Paula….that pink dress was fugly!

5. Scott sang some Billy Joel song that I fast forwarded through. He bores me. Simon said it was his best so far–this did NOT get me hitting the rewind button.

6. Matt G sang You Found Me by the Fray. NOT his best performance but lots of heart which I liked. The judges hated it. Whatever.

7. Lil Rounds…sang I Surrender by Celine Dion. It was very solid…the vocals were fab but again, I was just kinda bored. I think I agree w/Simon who said it was Old Fashioned.

8. Adam saing Play that Funky Music by wild Cherry….Simon said it was original. I wouldn’t know. I fast forwarded through most of it.

9. Kris sang Ain’t No Sunshine. Thank you Kris. You’ve really been bringing your A Game. I appreciate that. He’s the only one all night who set off my chill-radar (goosebumps poppin’)

I REALLY hope Scott goes home this week. He’s already over-due.

Who gets your vote to leave the island?

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