A Howling Good Time

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In honor of the release of HOWL, featuring Halloween Goodies by Jet Mykles, Jeigh Leigh and my incomparable (yes I’m totally biased) critique partner, Raine Weaver, I sat down recently and had a conversation with Scarlet Grier, the leading lady of Wolfe’s Gate.


“Good morning, everyone! We’re live via satellite today interviewing Scarlet Grier, the female star of Wolfe’s Gate. She’s coming to us from an undisclosed location in the Ohio countryside. Scarlet, Scarlet, can you hear me?”

“Yes Cece, and please, call me Red. All my friends do.”

“Thank you. We’ll be discussing Wofe’s Gate and it’s creator, Raine Weaver. So let’s get started. Red, what do you think of Raine’s twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood. I mean, it’s a fairy tale!”

“Fairy tales are fairy tales for a reason, Cece. Do you know what that reason is?” she asked, arching one slender red eyebrow.

Hmmmm, can’t say that I do. Why don’t you enlighten us.

Because they have a grain of truth in them. Why else would they endure for centuries.

“Are you saying that stories like Cinderella are based on fact?”

“Huh, Cindy’s a joke. She can’t even decide what dress to wear without consulting that pompous husband of hers. The girl needs to get a spine.”

“Hansel and Gretel?” I asked, dreading her answer.

“They uh, they had a thing, if you know what I mean.”

“Ewwwwwwwww!” Now I wish I hadn’t asked.

Red smirked, then continued. “That’s the real reason their step-mother sent them out into the woods. And that witch? Just a nice old woman.”

“Snow White and Rose Red?”


“The Princess and the Pea?”

“Money-grubberrrrrr,” Red sang with a wave of her hand.


“Her step-mother really was evil, but Beauty….she’s got some kink going on. The Anne Rice version is closer to the truth than folks can immagine.”

“Oh my!” Note to self: pull Anne Rice’s Beauty Books of the TBR Pile

“And the girl wigged out so bad after the apple incident, she cut down every fruit tree in the kingdom.”

“Let’s switch gears for a minute. How long have you been a voyeur?”

“I don’t really consider myself a voyeur. There was just that one time when-”

“–you watched.” Now it was my turn to smirk. “Let me ask you something else, Red. We live in such a jaded society. We’re always looking for the next thrill. Is bestiality the new kink?”

“I don’t consider having sex with a werewolf bestiality. I mean, he’s my mate, not a beast…though I can’t speak for anybody else, like Disa,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Uh, huh. But even you questioned Gray’s motives behind keeping all those alpacas! Does he drool during sex?”

“Ms. Stuart!”

“Sorry. I guess I can definitely see advantages to that extra-long tongue.”
I giggled. I couldn’t help myself.

“Jacob is still looking for a mate, and I think he said something about liking dark meat. I could fix you up.”

OUCH! “I don’t do guys who look like…California pimps, but thanks! When you give birth, do you have litters?”

“Ms. Stuart!”

“Just curious,” I said with a shrug. “So was Ms. Weaver’s portrayal of werewolves accurate?”

“Ms. Weaver could never be accused of taking artistic license.” An incredibly large, incredibly handsome, dark-headed man appeared on screen and took a seat beside Red.

“Grayson Wolfe,” I purred. “Isn’t this a treat. So whatever did happen to Disa?”

“I believe she’s living in New York now.” Gray glanced at Red then nodded.

“And Alana?”

He leaned forward and clasped his hands together. “We’re currently in negotiations with Ms. Weaver for a sequel.”

Okay okay so that last part about a sequel was all me, but I totally love Alana and I want a sequel, so there. You can read an excerpt here

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