A First….and Proof of Cuzzin Clyde

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I’ve heard rumors no one believes in Cuzzin Clyde….y’all think I’m just makin it all up cuz I’m a crazy old writer lady. Crazy I may be but I’d never lie about something like Clyde. I have proof! He exists, damn you!

And….a first. One of my chilluns…….and the Haminator, showin da lub :kiss:

This will have to hold ya’ll (no comments on the Mav’s game last night :bleep:) Until Monday….I’ve got to get some writing done this weekend……that of course means I’ll spend all my time blogging :smurfy:

6 thoughts on “A First….and Proof of Cuzzin Clyde

  1. “no, he’s not staying..” …. “I am just taken’ pics of the neighbors cat in case they don’t have any…”

    uh-huh – we knew what was what as soon as you named the furball!

    MAVS who :wtf:

  2. Every time I see that I think “look at the kitty Clyde” which makes me giggle because my SIL’s grandmother’s name was Kitty Clyde. Just thought it was kind of interesting … maybe.

    That was some storm we got last night.

    He’s a cutie.