Dick on a Stick ‘n Pucks ‘n Things

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Ok…….Ya’ll…..if you get a second go stop by Raine’s blog and read the interview she did with Miss Mae, owner of the diner in Once in a Blue Moon.

Warning, DO NOT DRINK while reading it and intense laughter will bring children running from far away to know why. 😀


Now on to my interview with Lord Drey of Brigia from Raine Weaver’s Rhenn.

I shivered under the fur robes and thanked all the gods of Rhenn that I’d brought a tape recorder for my interview with Lord Drey. Never mind the heavy tapestries on the walls and the fires that burned in fireplaces at each end of the long room it was freaking cold. Too bad he and Aryenne couldn’t go back to Makharia where it was warm. “Do you mind if I tape this?”

He frowned at the tiny black micro cassette, his reddish eyebrows pulling together. “Tape?”

“Yeah! This—“ I forced myself to slip a hand out into the frigid air and pick up the recorder, “—records everything we say.” I pushed the off button and rewound it so he could hear what we’d just said.

“Amazing!” Five very chilly frustrating minutes ticked by while Lord Drey played with the recorder.

“So it’s okay if I tape this?”

He nodded and picked the tape recorder up, holding it about an inch from his mouth. I reached out to take it away then sat back as his hand went to the sword sheathed at his side.

“You don’t have to hold it,” I said with a shake of my head.

“I like to hold it.” His grip tightened on his sword.

“Okay.” I wasn’t about to argue with an armed man. “So, now that there’s peace between your people and the Makharian’s what do you do with all your spare time. For fun?”


“Yeah.” I smiled at him through numb lips. “Fun like ice skating…” my voice trailed off at his frown.

“Ice…skating. What is this ice…skating?”

“It’s an earthling thing. You don’t look like the ice skating type anyway.” I gave him another once over, taking in the fur-covered boots. “Unless you were playing ice hockey.”

“Ice…hockey?” His thick red eyebrows rose, disappearing under his long bangs.

“I’m sure it’d be right up your alley!” Too bad my cell phone range didn’t extend to Texas, so I could call someone in the know about hockey. “You put on pads, and ice skates and you skate up and down like…maybe a lake or something…chasing a small puck. It’s like a patty–” I made a round shape with my hands, “–but hard. It’s a real rough sport, the guys fight and knock out each other’s teeth and stuff.”

He nodded his head, looking as gleeful as a kid at Christmas at the idea of fighting. “Pads,” he barked right into my poor tape recorder.

“You could use fur…extra fur. Oh, and the goalie wears a mask because of the flying pucks.”

“Flying pucks,” he breathed, his eyes bright. Almost as bright as they’d been earlier when we’d chatted with Aryenne.

Guilt gnawed at me over what I’d done. Would the women of Brigia hunt me down and make me slide across a pond naked for introducing their men to one of the most brutal sports on Earth? Or would they thank me? Yeah, that’s it…they’d definitely thank me.

Visions of grandeur and teams named after me danced in my head the whole flight home. :flirt:

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