2008 Books

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I’m over at NAS talking resolutions and stuff we should resolve NOT to do!

The grand total for books read in 2008 was……… 23 *sigh* that’s more than last year.  But not by much. And I’m sure I bought 2-3 times that many books *doubesigh*

Here’s a rough breakdown for you:

22 fiction / 1 non-fiction

6 YA’s (and all were UF)

4 Romantic Suspense/Thrillers

5 Women’s Fiction (2 with paranormal elements–Time of my Life and Earthly Pleasures)

6 UF -non-YA (1 was historical fantasy)

1 non-fiction

So did you keep track? how’d you do? And what are your plans for NYE?

3 thoughts on “2008 Books

  1. Yes, I keep track.

    8 audio books, all but one romance.

    1 graphic novel, but I read it twice.

    5 women’s fiction

    2 non-fiction

    6 ebooks

    7 paranormal (this surprises me)

    7 historicals

    13 RS

    19 category romance (also surprises me)

    11 ST romances