13 Virgin

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Be gentle this is my first time.
*wow my blog ate half my list and I had to redo it. I bet I can come up with 13 reasons I’m pretty annoyed with this but I’ll spare you. Me and Mr. Linky are not getting along 🙁
Wow my blog seriously hates Thursday 13……screw this. I’ll try again next week.

Ok ok let’s try this again. Where’s Karen when I need her.

Thirteen Texas Authors to Try Before you Die (in no particular order)
1. Marsha Moyer – like ya’ll didn’t see that coming. One of the most amazing writers I’ve ever read–EVAH!

2. Sandy Blair–time travels–HELLO!!!!!!!

3. Candace Havens–Because she just is a totally cool rockin’ person.

4. Anna Jeffrey/Dixie Cash–Please with titles like I Gave You My Heart But You Sold It Online, what’s not to love?

5. Lisa Kleypas–do I really need a reason?

6. Pamela Morsi–I haven’t read her in years but her books are keepers

7. Sandra Brown— because, well, she’s Sandra Brown!

8. Rosemary Clement-Moore–because I love her book, damnit!

9. Rick Riordan–because he’s my son’s favorite writer.

10. James Lee Burke–because he’s freakin’ JLB.

11. Kinky Freidman–because he ran for gov’nor!

12. Kerrelyn Sparks–because she’s a doll and a great writer

13. Christina Dodd–even though she doesn’t live here anymore

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12 thoughts on “13 Virgin

  1. Okay, Ames – could you explain the 13 participation thing again? I don’t get it … at any rate, thanks for sharing. I didn’t know all those great authors are from Texas!

  2. Rachelle you do a meme of 13 each Thursday and paste the code in your post so other Thursday 13’ers can find you.

  3. Okay, the title on #4 has me intrigued! Good idea for a list! I’ll have to check out these authors….most I’ve never heard of.

  4. Did it hurt?

    heeee I kid… I have read a few of these ;). OH! and I met Morsi at Kleypas signing. She seemed way cool. Not that I bought the bait book…. but I love love her older historicals.

    Dodd so doesn’t count! She moved!!!

  5. Congrats on your first. I agree, Morsi is a class act. Sandy is awesome and I met Kerrelyn when I was an unpublished author and she was coordinating the Emily contest. A great lady and wonderful writer.

  6. Sybil…Dodd counts. She’s the first author I ever wrote fan mail to.

    The bait book actually looks GOOD!

    Jill agreed on all counts :woot: